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February 25, 2014

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Astounding Ways of Selling Traffic for PPC

February 25, 2014

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Forex site owners needed – join and enjoy publisher benefits

February 25, 2014

Forex trading is one of the biggest global industries today with a daily turnover of around 3-4 trillion dollars. In order to take advantage of this growing industry many people have come with their websites that deal in forex transactions.

The forex website owners have a lot of ways for earning themselves a fortune but we at forex-ads.com offer them the most convenient and reliable way of doing the same.


Our website is basically dedicated to forex advertising network and binary option advertising network and thus offer an opportunity to all forex site owners to double up as publishers. In order to enjoy the benefits of a publisher, the website owners need to join our website which is extremely easy as we are offering 100% free membership and signing option to our prospective members. The membership won’t expire anytime soon as we offer a life time membership to all our members.


The first thing to understand before joining us as a publisher is that we only entertain people having an active forex or finance related websites as most of our advertising has financial content. By signing up on our website as a publisher, the forex website owner opens up the doors of fortune and opportunities for its website. This is possible due to our unique online affiliate programs which are in fact much more than that. Our forex advertising network allows one to get maximum traffic that’ll not just increase your sales and profits but also lets you earn through our affiliate system. Once a website owner becomes our publisher, he is free to post our exclusive financial advertisements on its website without any restrictions on minimum or maximum number of ads. By placing our advertisements on its website, the owner of this website becomes eligible for rewards in the form of commission.


Our websites offer a number of payment plans in the form of PPA/CPA/CPL basis etc in order to suit each and every publisher’s need. The payment made to every publisher is different as payments are usually based on advertising rates that we get. Each advertisement has a unique rate and each of our advertisers wants to have maximum exposure, thus the website owner having a website with most traffic and the maximum number of our advertisements is likely to earn more as compared to the ones having less traffic. Our website forex-ads.com undertakes an in-depth study of the traffic obtained by each of our publishers website and thus the payment to each of our publisher is strictly based on the rates we get and the traffic one generates. This system of crystal clear payments to our publishers makes our website distinct from our contemporaries.


The payments earned by our each and every publisher is sent to them on monthly basis and a publisher becomes eligible for receiving payment after earning mere $150 through advertisements. Thus if you are a owner of a forex website and want to expand your earning capacity, then you need to join hands with the website having the best binary option advertising network i.e. forex-ads.com now.

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