Can I sign up even if I don’t have a website?

No, Forex ADS is meant for existing sites with Financial or life style content.  


How are you different from other online affiliate programs?

"Forex ADS" is not exactly an affiliate program. WE are an Advertising network; 

It means that we offer multiple payment plans including CPM and PPC, as well as CPL and CPA type deals.  "Forex-Ads" specializes in Finance traffic exclusively. We know how to optimize Forex campaigns and increase your ROI.


How many brokers can I promote through your platform?

You can promote as many brokers as you want.

As default our system will optimize your inventory and will serve the highest payout campaigns first.


How much does it cost to join?

It is completely free to sign up – and it will remain free forever.


How often do you send out payments?

Our minimum payout is 50$, Once you reach that amount you can ask for a withdrawal through PayPal. Payment are sent every month.


What is "Forex-ADS"

"forex ads" is a forex advertising network built for publishers. We welcome forex affiliates, and other financial publishers and site owners.


Do forex affiliates limited in number of locations I can place Forex-ADS banners?

No, you can place ads on as many pages and locations, as long as you do not violate rules. 


How much can I earn through Forex-Ads?

As a forex affiliate you can use our forex advertising network to publish campaigns in your web site. Revenues has a direct connection to the amount of traffic your site gets.


campaigns are paid by Advertisers on a PPC / CPL / CPA basis. Advertising rates vary between advertisers and their desire to achieve better exposure. So your earnings will depend on the rates we obtain, as well as the volume of traffic referred by your site.

Forex Affiliate Network

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