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Payoneer Master Card 
Now it's easier than ever to get access to your Forex affiliate profits with a Payoneer credit Card! With low-cost and fast withdrawal options, this is the preferred choice of many forex affiliates.

Withdraw to PayPal

PayPal is the world largest and most convenient way to receive payments.
There are no additional charges for requesting payments through PayPal from our end.

Other payout options

Payment plan is determined by the advertiser. Whether it's PPC or CPA. "Forex ADS" encourage them to be competitive in order to stand out from the others in your web site. The most common plan is PPC.

You will be able to see on each campaign the ad rates.



1. You get PPC campaigns as well as CPL and CPA, all from one account.

2. Advertiser determine the price he is willing to pay to "Forex ADS" affiliates.

3. "Forex ADS" platform is a smart ad serving system; it learn your traffic and serve the most profitable mix of offers. Maximize your profits, automatically.


Current offers range between:

PPC - up to $3.65

CPL- up to $35

CPA - up to- $400


*Reporting – you can check online reports to see which ads was served and how much did you earn for each. 

"Forex ADS" Payout options

* We do not charge any commission for withdrawals. However there might be some fees and charges according to your agreement with your transaction provider is owned and operated by Affilimedia Global Limited